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TOFA's Vision is to Transform the World, one connection at a time.
Our 'Pay it Forward' Tokens of Appreciation are handed to someone that makes a difference in your day and then tracked on the Token Travel Map.

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Our Story

Hi, I’m Jo Englesson, it is important to me that you have a picture of where I came from and how this whole Gratitude Movement was inspired.
So sit back, relax and take a moment to read our story.

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Share Your Story

We want to hear your story. When you give or receive a TOFA Token, please visit the Token Travel Map and share your experience of gratitude and connection. Read others' stories and bask in the LOVE!

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Get Involved

We offer many different avenues towards a life in Gratitude. Attend our workshops and events, start your own 'Giving Year', Sponsor Tokens or join any of our volunteer projects in the community. The sky is the limit!

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Token of Appreciation Moment

The Token Moment

A Token of Appreciation is a way to express gratitude and appreciation. It is a simple "Thank you for making a difference in my day" that creates connection, love and gratitude.
TOFA's vision is to spread gratitude in the world through TRACKABLE gratitude coins that you PAY FORWARD and follow as they pass from hand to hand across the world.

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Share Your Experience

After receiving a token you have an opportunity to share about your experience here on the TOFA website. There was something about the "Track Me Online!" on the token that caught your attention. So what are you waiting for...Track it!

Where has this token been in the world so far? What are the shared experiences of gratitude? Read gratitude stories from all registered connections before it landed in your hands...then share yours!

TOFA pay it forward

Pay it Forward

Pass the Token, Pass the Vision...

We are committed to creating a world where giving and receiving generates gratitude and connection across the world! Watch your token's travels after you pay it forward to someone that makes a difference in your day.
As Attachment Goes, Energy Flows...
Yes, the Token in beautiful and receiving it meant alot to you. However, we ask that you pass this beautiful energy on. It will still be in your life as you are updated on its progress around the world.

On August 25, 2012 Jo Englesson, founder of TOFA and Gratitude Training, asked an amazing community to support her in asking Arian to marry her. Magic was happening in the best flash mob marriage proposal ever! Thank you Isaac for the inspiration.

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Track My Token

To track your token and learn it's personal story of gratitude, please enter the serial number from the back of the coin and click "Track Token".

Gratitude Training

Gratitude Training

The Gratitude Training is a personal development training that has us identify our underlying belief systems and create an environment where we can "break through" what holds us back from achieving our dreams and goals.

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